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Malta’s most versatile and popular dance company

Established in 1984, The YADA (Young Actors and Dancers Association) Dance Company is a thriving powerful force creating choreography in the form of dance. Past and recent choreographers include names such as Felix Busuttil, Justin Roy Barker, Daron Galea, Vivienne Fielding Refalo, Alison Bird, Tanya Bayona, Francesca Abela Tranter , Theresa Kerr (Cambridge, UK) and Silvio Oddi (Italy).


The company is versatile – it’s repertoire ranges from glamorous cabaret shows to top major theatrical productions, from TV shows to commercials, from international events (Dubai, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, UK, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, Denmark) to national festivities (CHOGM Opening Ceremony MCC, 2005).

Successful theatrical productions such as Dance Spectacular (1994), Firedance (1997), Era (1998), Tango (1998), Minestrone (1999), Phantom (2000), Dirty Dancing (2001) and their latest smash-hit MICHAEL JACKSON FOREVER.

YADA has also launched themselves as theatrical agents. Bodywork Dance Co. UK were their first guests, followed by the world renowned Spanish National Ballet. YADA has also brought over top Italian TV stars such as Mediaset’s (Canale 5) Kledi kadiu, Ilir Shaquiri, Ambeta Toromani . YADA now has the reputation of Malta leading dance company and continues to thrive both locally and abroad.

YADA’s trademark is purely Mediterranean – with strong emphasis on the magical language of dance that is capable to touching everyone’s heart – universally. YADA brings a sense of joy to the public with art that touches the soul and spectacle that is remembered and cherished. The passion is fiery and the imagery is always poignant. Felix, the director, had one goal when forming YADA… that of bringing dance for all – not just the few elite. We all can dance – as long as we appreciate dance, we are all dancers.